Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo (CIN)


Police Uniforms Requirements Tailored For Private Businessmen

Policijska uniforma
Police agencies have adopted internal rules thanks to which only one company, KM Trade from Visoko, has been winning tenders for the purchase of uniforms for years. Specific conditions forestall domestic manufacturers and distributors whose uniforms are being worn by police officers from a dozen European countries from applying to tenders.

Charges Against Illegal Gravel Miners

Ilegalna eksploatacija šljunka_Bosna
Officers of the Doboj Police Department discover illegal exploitation of gravel on the Bosna River worth more than two million BAM.

Post-term severance as a [paid] holiday leave

Bijeli hljeb_CIN
This year, the citizens of BiH are paying almost BAM 1.5 million for the “post-term severance” of the 81 city and municipal officials. Nearly every second of them resumed their term or job in their own company for which they are paid.

Legislators On The Other Side Of The Law

Osuđeni parlamentarci Federalnog parlamenta
Every fourteenth parliamentarian in the highest legislative body of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a former convict, and more than half of them are re-offenders.

European Press Prize Awards

A 2020 European award ceremony for investigative journalism was held in Berlin, and the story of a CIN journalist was selected in the top five.

The Chief Prosecutor Sanctioned by Removal from Office

The Disciplinary Commission found Tadić to have shown negligence and carelessness in performing her official duty because she did not comply with the legal obligations and orders of the HJPC BiH.

Former Brčko MP Ćazim Dačaj Convicted

Ćazim Dačaj
The former member of the Brčko District Assembly was sentenced to prison for abusing his position by awarding grants to associations.

Judge Kovačević convicted of bribery

Judge of the Zenica Municipal Court sentenced to one year in prison in the Court of the first instance.

Drivers Taxed for a Profit of Private Businessmen

ANTRFILE  Ivan Ševo je 2011. godine optužen za zloupotrebu položaja i ovlasti na funkciji direktora stručne organizacije „Centar za vozila“ koja je bila uključena u nadzor stanica tehničkog pregleda, ali ga je Općinski sud u Širokom Brijegu oslobodio optužbi. Ševe su vlasnici i nekoliko privatnih škola protiv kojih je Državna agencija za istrage i zaštitu 2020. godine podnijela izvještaj Tužilaštvu BiH o, navodno, nezakonitom izdavanju diploma. Nakon provjere Tužilaštvo je donijelo naredbu o nesprovođenju istrage.
Drivers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina pay a more expensive roadworthy vehicle inspection due to a rulebook illegally passed by the Minister of Transport and Communications. This has increased the profits of private businessmen, including those close to his party.

CIN Journalist Winning the Award

Sadeta Bajrović was awarded an “Eco Journalist” Award for research on incentives for electricity generators from renewable sources financed by BiH citizens.

Neum Parking Revenues in the Hands of HDZ Officials

Neum, glavni parking
Authorities in Neum are giving up millions in parking revenues in favor of a local official of the leading party that controls this tourist town on the Adriatic, violating the laws and hiding from the public the actual area of public spaces he rents out to a private individual and the fees he charges.

Justice for Bankar’s Real Estate

The Sarajevo Court enabled the sale of real estate worth BAM 27.3 million suspected to have been acquired by a criminal offense