Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo (CIN)


Five Years in Prison for the Former Sales Manager of BH...

Alma Maglić the former sales manager of the Zenica Office of BH Telecom was found guilty by a first-instance judgment of the Zenica Cantonal Court.

CIN Winning the Journalist Award

CIN reporters awarded for the best journalistic research on corruption for the story of protected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fighting Bureaucrats for Children’s Lives

Children suffering from cystic fibrosis in Una-Sana Canton have been waiting for months for the Health Insurance Institute to approve expensive medicines. While waiting for approval, the health condition of some has deteriorated and some have moved abroad.

A Coffee Gratuity to Custom Officers Instead of Millions to the...

Kafa carinicima umjesto milioni državi
In exchange for a BAM 2,500 kickback paid to customs officers and forwarding agents per truck, the textile importers pay many times lower customs duty and taxes. Bosnia and Herzegovina thus loses tens of millions of BAM a year.

The Boss and Her “Blackshirt” Mob

ITA BiH, Banja Luka
Some inspectors of the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority racketeer shopkeepers using a well-established mode of operation: they ask for money to turn a blind eye to their wrongdoings. Those who refuse to give bribes are illegally deprived of their goods.

The King of Poisons leaking from the Mostar landfill

Mostar_deponija Uborak
Wastewater from the Mostar landfill contains a high concentration of arsenic, which could pollute the environment in the long run and cause serious diseases among the local population.

A promotion for disciplinary offenders in the judiciary

Kažnjeni napredovali u pravosudju
Despite their misconducts, at least 14 judges and prosecutors have been promoted to a higher position or reappointed to a managerial position. 

Kemal Čaušević Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison

Former Director of the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ITA BIH), Kemal Čaušević was convicted for money laundering and receiving gifts and other forms of benefits.

CIN Organized a Conference on the Appointment of Judges and Prosecutors

Imenovanje sudija i tužilaca_Konferencija_CIN
The President of the HJPC, Halil Lagumdžija, announced a plan to improve the process of appointing judicial officeholders.

Retirement Severance as Pocket Money for Officials

Dom naroda Parlamentarne skupštine Bosne i Hercegovine
During the past decade, almost BAM 440 thousand was paid as retirement severance to fifteen BiH politicians in three state institutions. However, most of them continued working and receiving salaries in addition to their retirement benefits.

CIN nominated for the European Press Prize

European Press Prize Nominee
The story “Vote-selling network exposed by CIN reporters” was nominated for the European Press Prize for investigative reporting“.

Senaid Begić sentenced to two and a half years in prison

Former director of the Health Insurance Institute of Zenica-Doboj Canton and deputy in the Parliament of FBiH Senaid Begić
The former director of the Zenica-Doboj Health Insurance Institute and deputy in the FBiH Parliament was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for abuse of office and authority, fraud, and embezzlement in office.