Centar za istraživačko novinarstvo (CIN)


Bosnian filmmakers are without a film industry

A local film industry is still a dream to many Bosnian filmmakers. Many are asking if the government is doing enough to support the building of an industry that could be a major economic help to the country as well as a source of pride in its post-war future.

Cultural Institute to Lose Independence

The latest chapter in the long standing power struggle between the FBiH institute and a state level preservation commission over control of historical sites and national monuments. It looks like the state commission is winning.

New Center for Investigative Reporting opens in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The mission of the center is to train investigative editors and reporters in the practical environment of a working investigative team. 

Doctors doing it right

Despite anethical collapse in the medical profession, and without the help of government, some doctors, nonetheless, continue to do what is right and fight hard for their patients.

Responsibility at the top

Top health care official are all pointing at each other for responsibility for a bankrupt system. The answer is obvious to everyone but no one wants to give up enough power to make it happen.

The politics of health care

A health care system that can make its patients pray to die is caused by the same regional and political conflicts that affect so much of life in Bosnia Herzegovina, according to health officials. But the surprisingly low priority that public officials give health care system reform may have the most devastating effects on everyday life.

Medical (non) equipping

The lack of equipment and supplies in BiH hospitals and clinics, despite 987 million KM in spending last year, is an example of the waste and inefficiency that is bankrupting this country’s health care.

BH health system: an orchestra without a conductor

CIN's team goes looking for the 987 million KM spent last year on BiH health care. Auditors and health officials say they cannot find it.

Medicine on the other side of the law

In one month of reporting, a team of  nine journalists from CIN talked to doctors, patients and health care officials to find out how medical ethics had collapsed.

New Center opens

It is a centar dedicated to helping local journalists get the time, resources and independence to do comprehensive and accurate investigative journalism.

Center completes first story

The Center for Investigative Reporting has published its first story on the state of health care in Bosnia.  Titled “Health care on life support,” the series of eight stories looks at problems in the health care industry. 

Health care in BiH is sick

Center for Investigative Reporting  (CIN) takes a look at health care through the eyes of the people who give it and receive it.