The American Dream Turning Into A Nightmare

Ajša Ramić from Visoko and Merjem Mirsada Veladžić from Florida promised dozens of BiH citizens an easy way to an American visa. They took about US $140 thousand from them, giving them false hope and falsified documents in return.

A Dry Hole Soaking Up Sarajevans’ Money

The former manager of the “Otoka Olympic Swimming Pool” wasted tens of thousands of BAM of the Sarajevo taxpayers’ money on the search for water that was not found. During his term of office, he also collected about BAM 20,000 in fees to which he was not entitled.

Citizens Pay A High Cost for a Term of Inactivity

Almost BAM 16 million of public money has been paid for the salaries and allowances of 80 officials of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, the Council of Ministers, and the Presidency of BiH since the beginning of the term.

State Prosecutor Not Declaring All the Assets

State prosecutor Vedrana Mijović and her husband Danko bought five properties in 13 years, and she has not declared some of them to the HJPC. Even though this institution requires judges and prosecutors to declare their assets, they are not legally bound to do so because for two and a half years there have been no rules on the submission of financial statements.

Money Over Dignity Of The Profession

In five years, at least nine lawyers in Bosnia and Herzegovina were convicted of abuse of position, abuse of trust of clients, and document forging. Six were banned from practicing law.