Monument of Nature “Crvene stijene” [Red Rocks]

Area: 150,000 m2

Managed by: Public enterprise “Forests of Republika Srpska” – Forestry holdings “Jahorina” Pale and “Romanija” Sokolac

Protected since September 2023

Place: Pale and Sokolac

Category: Monument of nature

Specifics: representative and attractive geomorphological and landscape features, the most prominent of which is the limestone massif called Crvene stijene with over 100 meters high cliffs. The area has been placed under third-degree protection, which implies a smaller, unaltered, or partially altered natural entity with clear and recognizable characteristics.

Allowed: marking the borders of the protected area, forest management under current regulations, conservation of areas by grazing or mowing, controlled collection of aromatic and medicinal plants, mushrooms, and other fruits, construction, and maintenance of existing roads, reconstruction and construction of residential buildings as per implementation-planning documents, tourist visits, and educational activities.

Forbidden: collecting strictly protected wild plant and animal species, forest destruction, the introduction of new and invasive species of plants, animals, and fungi, exploitation of land and minerals, poisoning of wild animals, handling of toxic chemical derivatives that can pollute water, land, and air, disposal of all types of waste, infrastructure development that is not aligned with the values of the given area.