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Jelena Jevtić (CIN) i Mubarek Asani (CIN)

The Secret of Swiss bank account of BiH customs officer

The Jovanović couple from Doboj has bought thirteen properties in the country and abroad while saving about three million marks in a Swiss bank, the Suisse Secrets leak reveals. Janko is the head of the customs branch office, and Jovanka is president of the local court. Their income does not even come close to justify millions of real estate investments.

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Historic Leak of Swiss Banking Records Reveals Unsavory Clients

Despite two decades of pledges by Credit Suisse to crack down on illegitimate funds, data leaked from the bank reveals that it catered to dozens of criminals, dictators, intelligence officials, sanctioned parties and political actors with outsized wealth – despite repeated promises to stamp out dubious funds

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Suisse Secrets
OCCRP/Vlast (Kazakhstan)

The Offshore Secrets of Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has sought to distance himself from his powerful predecessor, who many in Kazakhstan hold responsible for the country’s vast wealth inequality. But Tokayev’s family has its own foreign secrets: Lakeside townhouses, Moscow apartments, Swiss bank accounts — and a money trail that goes far offshore.

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Anonimna prijava

Svojim anonimnim prijavama doprinosite integritetu naše zajednice. Molimo vas da iskoristite ovu formu kako biste sigurno prijavili bilo kakvu sumnju u korupciju ili nezakonitu aktivnost koju primijetite. Vaša hrabrost ključna je za očuvanje naših vrijednosti i promicanje transparentnosti.