Neum, glavni parking

Neum Parking Revenues in the Hands of HDZ Officials

Authorities in Neum are giving up millions in parking revenues in favor of a local official of the leading party that controls this tourist town on the Adriatic, violating the laws and hiding from the public the actual area of public spaces he rents out to a private individual and the fees he charges.

Justice for Bankar’s Real Estate

The Sarajevo Court enabled the sale of real estate worth BAM 27.3 million suspected to have been acquired by a criminal offense

Fighting Bureaucrats for Children’s Lives

Children suffering from cystic fibrosis in Una-Sana Canton have been waiting for months for the Health Insurance Institute to approve expensive medicines. While waiting for approval, the health condition of some has deteriorated and some have moved abroad.
Kafa carinicima umjesto milioni državi

A Coffee Gratuity to Custom Officers Instead of Millions to the State Budget

In exchange for a BAM 2,500 kickback paid to customs officers and forwarding agents per truck, the textile importers pay many times lower customs duty and taxes. Bosnia and Herzegovina thus loses tens of millions of BAM a year.
ITA BiH, Banja Luka

The Boss and Her “Blackshirt” Mob

Some inspectors of the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority racketeer shopkeepers using a well-established mode of operation: they ask for money to turn a blind eye to their wrongdoings. Those who refuse to give bribes are illegally deprived of their goods.
Mostar_deponija Uborak

The King of Poisons leaking from the Mostar landfill

Wastewater from the Mostar landfill contains a high concentration of arsenic, which could pollute the environment in the long run and cause serious diseases among the local population.




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