Rockets Launched Against The Property Of The Special-Purpose Industry

After the failed million-dollar project, the Management of Tehnički remontni zavod Hadžići [the Hadžići Technical Overhaul Institute], a company majority-owned by the FBiH Government, sold three properties to private individuals at a price lower than estimated.

The Sugary Scam of the European Futsal

After winning three European titles, members of the BiH national diabetic futsal team are revealing a long-kept secret: it was not based on a fair play because the players had false diagnoses.

Čović’s Father-in-law Generous To A Fault

Retired miner Blago Prskalo donated valuable real estate in Mostar, Zagreb, and Makarska to his daughters Mirjana Perić and Bernadica Čović. This is how the Čović couple acquired the property after the investigations and court disputes against the HDZBiH president.

Six Unreported Properties of Šarović in Belgrade

Mirko Šarović, president of the Serb Democratic Party (SDS) and state MP, and his wife Stojanka own six valuable properties in Belgrade, Serbia which he never declared in his asset declaration. While he denies having them, his wife says the opposite.

Hidden Apartment of Asim Sarajlić on The Adriatic

State delegate Asim Sarajlić failed to declare in his asset declaration an apartment he has on the Croatian coast in the tourist town of Žaborić near Šibenik.

Unattainable Justice For Victims Of Sexual Harassment

Female students from Bosnia and Herzegovina are increasingly testifying about the immorality of professors who they accuse of multiple sexual harassments. However, public universities and the BiH judiciary ignore their testimonies and turn blind eye to revealing the truth that would bring the persistent harassers to justice.
Radončić_jahta_Crna mamba

“Black Mamba”, Radončić’s new yacht

In 14 months, Fahrudin Radončić, president of the Party for Better Future of BiH (SBBBiH) bought a yacht and an apartment with a garage in Podgorica for a little over four million BAM.

Million Property Swap of Zlatko Lagumdžija

Former president of the SDP BiH, Zlatko Lagumdžija, bought an apartment in Rovinj, Croatia, with a storage room and a parking space, as well as a house that he paid a little over a million BAM. For nearly the same amount, he sold a weekend house with land in the elite Sarajevo neighborhood of Poljine to an Arab company.




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