Politicians’ Assets: Property of Minister Edin Forto Estimated At Almost a Million Marks
The Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Forto, has been receiving a salary from public institutions’ budgets for the past decade. Although his earnings have increased...
NASLOVNA_Vedad_Arslanagic_kuca_sagradjena 2019_prodato_Georgia_USA
The Arslanagićs Trading Luxury Real Estate In America
While the former director of Bosnalijek Edin Arslanagićs assets in BiH was blocked, his son Vedad Arslanagić sold a seven-room villa in the upscale neighborhood of Atlanta, USA.
Težak put do odštete za notarske greške_Naslovna
A Difficult Journey To Indemnify Losses Caused by Notarial Errors
The path to indemnification of damages caused by a notarial error is an uncertain one. Proving is difficult, and even when clients succeed, notaries look for ways to avoid payment.
Notarized Crime
At least six notaries in BiH were convicted in the past seven years for misconduct in public office, falsification of documents, and endangering security. Based on the verdicts, which are not yet final,...


Property Holdings Of Judges And Prosecutors: The Radoš Couple, A Judge and A Prosecutor In The CIN’s Database
CIN Database titled “Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors” has released new asset profiles for Sandra Radoš-Čatak, President of the District Commercial Court in Istočno Sarajevo, and her husband...
Sabina Sarajlija_Vesna Kaknjo
Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors: Chief Prosecutors of Sarajevo and Zenica Prosecutors' Offices in CIN's Database
The „Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors“ database is richer by two new property profiles containing the most significant biographical information of Sabina Sarajlija, Chief Prosecutor of the Sarajevo...
Foto: Bosnalijek
Bosnalijek CEO Accused of Causing Company Losses of 10.8 Million BAM
The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has accused the director of Bosnalijek, Nedim Uzunović, his associates, and family members of using the company’s funds to purchase shares, cars, and real...
New Freedom of Access to Information Act Adopted
Despite significant opposition from civil society, the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina has adopted the Freedom of Access to Information Act.



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