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Politicians' Assets: State Ministers Sevlid Hurtić, Davor Bunoza, and Dubravka Bošnjak
New profiles have been published in the CIN (Center for Investigative Reporting) database „Politicians' Assets“: Sevlid Hurtić, Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Davor Bunoza,...
Millions Allocated to Commissions in the FBiH Ministries
Over seven years, FBiH ministries have spent 12.8 million BAM on commissions. Auditors have consistently raised concerns about their operations and the amount of fees, but ministries remain unresponsive...
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Široki Brijeg Court Holds CIN Liable For Defamation Over Reporting By Another Media Outlet
The Municipal Court in Široki Brijeg has issued a first-instance judgment ordering the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) to pay damages to the company Lager for defamation related to the allegations...
Ilustracija: Željko Todorović (CIN)
Secret Wealth of Sarajevo Mayor Ibrahim Hadžibajrić
The former mayor of the Stari Grad Municipality in Sarajevo began investing in real estate in Bosnia and Croatia after leasing public parking lots to his friend Elmedin Karišik. Correspondence on the Sky...


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Investigation Into “Salary Paid In An Envelope”
Prosecutors investigate Tuzla entrepreneurs for off-the-books salary payments amid suspected tax evasion, as previously reported by CIN.
Parking_Opstina Stari Grad
Authorities Confiscate Public Car Parks Former Mayor Ibrahim Hadžibajrić Leased to Private Companies
The Agency for Management of Seized Assets of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken control of three public car parks the former mayor of the Stari Grad Municipality, Ibrahim Hadžibajrić,...
“Medica” Clinic And Its Founders Convicted For Issuing False Medical Certificates
Owners and employees of the “Medica” Private Health Institution have been found guilty of issuing false medical certificates for driving school candidates from Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Cazin, Velika Kladuša,...
Disciplinary Proceedings Initiated Against Judge Radmila Mandić
The Office of the Disciplinary Counsel of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (ODC HJPC) has opened a case file on Radmila Mandić, a judge of the Municipal Court in Široki Brijeg due to possible...



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