45 Judges And Prosecutors Disciplined In Two Years
CIN updated its database of “Disciplinary punishments against judges and prosecutors” adding the disciplinary proceedings decisions that HJPC imposed on judges, prosecutors, and expert associates.
NASLOVNA_Vijece ministara BiH
New Properties Of State Ministers
Four ministers in the new convocation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared nine new properties in the country and abroad.
Nenad Nesic
Undeclared Property of Nenad Nešić in Serbia
Despite the legal obligation to declare his property, Nenad Nešić, Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, failed to declare an apartment and a house in Novi Sad he co-owns with his wife Maja.
Unlawful Promotions At The Sarajevo University
Some teachers and associates from the University of Sarajevo (UNSA) moved up the career ladder without meeting the legally stipulated criteria.


Targets Have Been Painted! Reporters Terrified For A Reason
Reporters who publicly criticized the proposal of the RS authorities to criminalize defamation became the target of insults and attacks.
Naslovna_Zoran Cegar
Disciplinary Proceedings Against Zoran Čegar In The Shadow of Criminal Investigations
Due to the criminal proceedings being conducted in BiH and Croatia against police chief Zoran Čegar for threats to reporters, the disciplinary proceedings initiated against him by the FUP for the same...
Three Persons Convicted And Five Acquitted In The Courier Case
A retired lawyer, a former court clerk, and a real estate broker were sentenced in Sarajevo to a total of seven years and three months in prison for forging documents. The other five defendants were acquitted.
NASLOVNA_Crvene stijene
Romanija’s Red Rocks is a new protected area
Crvene stijene [Engl. Red Rocks] on Mount Romanija, characterized by attractive landscapes, are the 46th protected area in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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