Jablanica municipality must consider citizens’ complaints about SHPP Zlate

The court in Mostar ruled that the citizens of Jablanica were illegally excluded from the permitting process for the construction of SHPP Zlata on the river Doljanka. Citizens believe that this is what gave rise to revoking the construction permit, while the investors claim that the permit is still valid and that SHPP is operating legally.

Teletović’s Building Permit for SHPP Revoked

The Cantonal Court in Mostar has revoked the building permit for the small hydropower plant “Zlate” on the river Doljanci owned by Mirza Teletović.

Trial and Charges For Election Fraud in Brčko

Vote traders Elvir Saletović and Sanel Pengić stand a trial before the court in Brčko, while charges have been brought against candidates Pejo Mendeš and Mato Gluhaković.

Politicians’ Assets: Nenad Nešić failed to report part of the property

State MP Nenad Nešić has apartments in Serbia and Montenegro, a family house with land in BiH, and a company he did not report on his asset declaration report.

Doctor from Bihać Convicted of Issuing False Medical Fitness Certificates

Andrej Ižaković, a neuropsychiatrist from Bihać, was given a suspended one-year prison sentence for issuing false medical certificates to driving school candidates in the Una-Sana Canton.



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