Tara Nature Park



144.530 m2

Managed by:

Forest Farm “Maglić”



Protected since July 2022


Protected landscape – V

Specific features

The main values of the “Tara” Nature Park are the gorge-canyon Tara River with numerous rapids, waterfalls, and cascades, vivid landscapes, diverse eco-systems and habitats, and relict and endemic plants.


Any destruction, uprooting, sampling, and digging of plant and mushroom species, the use of plant protection products, the removal of the grass cover with the surface layer, cutting of the forest except to improve the condition and preserve the stability of forest ecosystems, habitats, rare and endangered species, and disturbance, abuse, sampling, injury and destroying of animal species and degrading their habitats, hunting and poisoning of game, change of water regime, construction of hydropower facilities, disturbance of fish during spawning, unplanned stocking of waters, installation of cage systems or other facilities for breeding fish, pollution of underground water courses, lakes and springs, exploitation of land and mineral raw materials is forbidden.


Marking of trails and placing of signposts, scientific research, and educational work, presentation, and popularization of the natural values of the protected area, tourist visits, organized student excursions, grazing, i.e. mowing to maintain meadow and pasture areas, controlled collection of mushrooms and herbaceous plants, traditional use of space by the local population, construction of housing and facilities for the development and promotion of the park, construction of roads, tourist infrastructure facilities, energy and telecommunication systems with the prior opinion of the RS Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage is allowed.

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