RS Railroad Strike Averted

Union pressures railroad into rehiring fired executives

Under pressure from a threatened strike by the RS Union of Train Drivers, the RS Railways supervisory board has reinstated two executive directors who were fired last week. The director general said the two had been fired for poor performance. However, the union has said the two were trying to clean up corruption at the railroad and were testifying against Sretan Telebak, the former director general who is under investigation for abuse of office and commercial crimes.

The union announced they are delaying a strike until August 30 after management accepted most of the unions demands.

The only demand still unmet is a request to remove the director general Ljubo Pašalić, and two board members Tomo Grabovica and Milko Gogić.

The union and criminal complaints have said Grabovica and Gogić are in a conflict of interest because they allegedly used RS Railway property illegally.

Simo Cvjetković, president of the union Everybody should be held responsible for his acts and we will keep resolving those issues the legal way in the stockholder Assembly with assistance of ministry of traffic and communications, says Simo Cvjetković, president of the union.