Cause of Death: Negotiable


Story 1: Tainted Testimony

Family members allege that the RS’s leading forensic expert has asked for bribes to help their family members get out of trouble. The pathologist once admitted to the charge but now says he was framed. 


Story 3: Changing Facts: The Dujaković Case

Tomislav Dujaković was by all accounts not a nice man, but when the village farmer died at the hands of his son, it started a series of versions of events that culminated with furniture being moved to explain his death. 


Story 5: Controversial Pathologist Beyond Reach of the Law

Despite a request by the RS police citing irregularities, Banja Luka district prosecutors will not investigate the controversial pardon of two expert forensic witnesses. 


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Story 2: Negotiating the Truth

A man who says his wife committed suicide served five years for murder. His conviction was based on evidence given by forensic experts, who the defendant’s father said had demanded a bribe to change their testimony.


Story 4: The Murder or Suicide of Judge Trbojević

A prominent judge’s suicide four years ago was a murder, says her son and daughter. The evidence that it was a suicide is based in part on the work of forensic expert Željko Karan, a man who has been in the center of other controversies and was once indicted for soliciting bribes.


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