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CIN’s „Politician Assets“ Database On A New Platform

„Politician Assets“ is the most comprehensive database of incomes, movable and immovable property, and careers of more than 220 officials and politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) has launched the „Politician Assets“ Database on a new platform that enables easier and more transparent data searches on all devices. The database has been updated with current information for more than 220 officials and politicians from ruling and opposition parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Through searching the database, citizens can get to know better individuals making political decisions on their behalf and occupying positions of public interest. The database contains information about assets, education, professional and political careers, savings, loans, and stakes in companies, including stocks. Additionally, citizens have access to information about lawsuits and court judgments involving these individuals.

The database includes more than 2,300 documents: property deeds, company registries, asset records, as well as indictments and verdicts. For the database, journalists have conducted over two hundred interviews. Enriched with links to investigative stories, which are CIN’s core product, this database serves the purpose of uncovering data that politicians wished to keep hidden from the public.

CIN has been collecting this data since 2009 when it processed data for 32 politicians in the same manner and periodically updates it with new information. Due to the large number of profiles, documents, and photographs, the „Politician Assets“ database is considered a unique repository of data about individuals in key positions in BiH.

„Politician Assets“ serves as a source of information for journalists, researchers, and other professionals, primarily intended for citizens demanding accountability and expertise from their political representatives.

Data Search and Organization

In line with the latest data updates, profiles are organized into two groups: active and inactive. Journalists periodically update active profiles, which refer to individuals currently holding office or significantly influencing policy and living standards in the country. Among the inactive profiles are those of former and deceased politicians. Information about the latest update is available on each profile.

„Politician Assets“ can be searched by entering the name or surname of an official in the initial menu or by selecting a name from the alphabetical list via the „more persons“ icon in the top right corner.

Additionally, the „filters“ take users to mini-profiles of politicians that provide brief information about current position and party affiliation, as well as the amount of recent earnings and the number of properties – if it’s an active profile.

The database can also be searched by party affiliation. This way, the result displays profiles of all members of the selected party. At the same location, users can use a value slider to choose a range of earnings or the number of properties, and the results will show a list of politicians that match the requested data.

CIN reporters invite citizens through this database to use the DECLARE ASSETS link to notify the editorial team if they know more about the careers, assets, or other information about politicians. Reporters will fact-check the reports and supplement the database with the help of citizens.

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