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Living Away From Home Allowance Paid during Vacation Time

Uprava za indirektno oporezivanje Bosne i Hercegovine Foto:

Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo:

Officials from the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) who are entitled to living away from home allowances receive them also during the vacation time. According to Audit Office of BiH Institutions, the authority has spent 340,165 KM in this regard last year. Employees receive a monthly allowance of 400 KM, while the director received 1,000 KM a month.

According to 2008 rulebook on salaries and allowances, employees and border officers are entitled to the allowance if their place of residence is more than 140 km away from their work, while the bar is 100 km for deputy director, head of department and civil servants in the tax department. The authority has checked all residency records for its employees before paying out the allowance.

The auditors wrote that the authority has spent 722,964 KM on cell phone and land line bills. Employees have a limited amount of money on disposal for phone use – between 40 KM and 250 KM, depending on the work they do. Director, his deputies and heads of departments are not limited in the use of landline and the same goes for a cell phone in the case of director. During 2011, 264 tax employees were entitled to use an official cell phone 20 persons more than a year earlier.

The auditors were also critical about the authorities’ employment guidelines as job classification has not yet been formulized. Last year, 282 persons were hired on short-term contracts, of which 172 were former trainees. The remaining while 72 were new employees, 56 of whom had a secondary degree who were not hired through a public vacancy.

Also, there are more than 300 employees who have been permanently hired after their short term contracts have been extended to a total of two years of continuous work. Those employees do not have a status of civil servants, while they do the work of one.

Published Aug 27, 2012

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