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New Asset Declarations in CIN Database

The property holdings of many politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been growing for years. Some even managed to save money in the bank while acquiring many properties. From today on you may find these records in CIN’s database of “politicians’ assets”.

This unique database contains records on the political and professional careers, real property, savings, vehicles, shares, loans and court proceedings of 121 legislators, ministers and other elected officials.

Reporters from the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo (CIN) have collected more than 2,100 documents, including asset declarations, land records, incorporation documents for companies owned by politicians, indictments and rulings against them and other official documents.

Of the 121 politicians in the database, more than half of them are running for office in the coming October elections. Of those, 68 declared savings worth more than 5.5 million KM. Some bought or sold real properties. This information may be accessed in documents available in the database.

Along those records, the database includes biographical information on every politician. The reporters have conducted more than a hundred interviews, but some politicians refused to talk about themselves or avoided contact with CIN reporters.

The records about presidents of nearly all political parties and senior office holders, past and present, have been updated. The database also includes new profiles. Now you may find extended profiles of Ismir Jusko – state minister of communications and transport; Izmir Hadžiavdić – secretary of the FBiH Parliaments’ House of Peoples; Nenad Stevandić – vice-president of the Republika Srpska National Assembly (NSRS); Anton Kasipović – justice minister and vice-president of the RS government; Šerif Isović – acting director of the Federation of BiH Tax Authority; Vojin Mitrović – NSRS legislator; Zilha Ademaj – Sarajevo Canton minister of health and Dragan Bogdanić – RS minister of health and social protection.

CIN has published its first database nine years ago when it compiled records for 32 politicians by using the same methodology. By 2014, the number has grown to 200. Some of those previously featured in the database are no longer politically active or have passed away which is why their profiles are no longer in the database.

DATABASE – Politicians’ Assets

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