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Property Holdings Of Judges And Prosecutors: The Radoš Couple, A Judge and A Prosecutor In The CIN’s Database

CIN Database titled “Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors” has released new asset profiles for Sandra Radoš-Čatak, President of the District Commercial Court in Istočno Sarajevo, and her husband Pavo Radoš, a prosecutor at the Brčko District Prosecutor’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These profiles include biographical information and income details.

Sandra Radoš-Čatak, president of the District Commercial Court in Istočno Sarajevo, and her husband Pavo Radoš, a prosecutor at the Brčko District Prosecutor’s Office began their legal careers in their late thirties.

They both obtained their law degrees from Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia, in 2004 and 2000, respectively. Radoš-Čatak was appointed as the Court President in May 2023, with eight years of judicial experience.

She completed her internship at the age of 37 at Slavica Ristić’s law office in Brčko. She worked there for just over a year until September 2007, after which she became a land registry clerk at the Basic Court of the Brčko District in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She held this position until she passed the judicial exam in 2009. Subsequently, she served as an expert associate at the Appellate Court of the Brčko District in Bosnia and Herzegovina until 2015 when she was appointed as an additional judge at the Basic Court of the Brčko District. She assumed her role as the President of the District Commercial Court in Istočno Sarajevo in 2017.

Pavo Radoš enrolled in college in 1984 but he graduated sixteen years later. As he explained to the CIN reporters, his prolonged study duration was due to military service and subsequent relocation to Germany, where he spent the wartime and post-war periods with his family.

A few months after graduating, he started working as an intern and later as an expert associate at the then Cantonal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Odžak, an institution that has since ceased to exist, leaving him unemployed. Afterward, he was not engaged in the judiciary for some time. From 2003 to July 2007, he worked for the Government of the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Public Registry Department as the Chair of the Council for Property Data.

He resumed his legal career at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Posavina Canton as a prosecutor. He remained there until August 2012 when he moved to the Brčko District Prosecutor’s Office, where he continues to work today. In this Prosecutor’s Office, he also served as Deputy Chief Prosecutor for six years.

The Radoš couple granted permission to the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC) to publish their financial reports for the year 2022. HJPC annually releases financial reports voluntarily provided by judges and prosecutors.

The Radoš couple possess assets in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, estimated at approximately half a million BAM, including both acquired and inherited properties. They own two apartments, one in Sarajevo and another in Brčko. Radoš-Čatak shares ownership of a house and land in Odžak with her sisters, while her husband owns two houses and co-owns a dilapidated property in the same town, as well as another house in Osijek, which they rent out.

They also have three loans totaling 185,000 BAMs, which they are obligated to repay by 2028. Radoš-Čatak’s monthly salary is approximately 3,900 BAM, while her husband earns around 4,400 BAM.

These profiles are part of CIN’s „Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors“ database, which contains information on the incomes, and movable and immovable property of judges and prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This database also includes details about their education and careers, real estate, cars, savings, and loans. Information about lawsuits and legal and disciplinary proceedings  – completed or ongoing – against judges and prosecutors is also available.

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