Railways Derailed


Story 1: Railroads in Management Upheaval

The removal of two senior managers is a new battle in the war for RS Railways.


Story 3: Railroad debts likely to cost taxpayers

Wasted spending, unneeded loans and expensive purchases may leave BiH citizens in debt for years for a rail system that doesn’t serve them well. 


Story 5: FBiH Railroad: Privatizing the Profits

The part of the FBiH Railroad that operates the trains and lucrative freight business has been privatized for a small fraction of its worth. But railroad officials have not bothered to tell anyone. The move deprives the people of BiH money back from their huge investment planned for the railroad to fix tracks and other decaying infrastructure. 


Story 7: Slovenian Company Pushes Out Bosnian Owners and Investors

FBiH’s Prime Minister invested together with KD Investments, a Slovenian company, in 2000. Since then, the firm has made large amounts of money in BiH and so has the Prime Minister. But is he a beneficiary of the firm or its victim? 



Story 2: Passengers scorn BiH trains

CIN reporters rode a train from Sarajevo to Zagreb and listened to riders complain about dirty trains with no food service and chronic delays. 


Story 4: Rail workers feel betrayed after years of work

Long-time railroad workers in BiH were told they were not needed while management hired hundreds of new workers.


Story 6: A Lucky Real Estate Deal

The government of FBiH bought an apartment for the current Prime Minister Nedžad Branković to use in 2000. In one week’s time, the then director of Energoinvest bought the apartment using occupancy rights granted to him by his SDA colleague Edhem Bičakčić.


The following reporters make up the Center for Investigative Reporting: Mubarek Asani, Mirsad Brkić, Svjetlana Ćelić, Nerminka Emrić, Amer Jahić, Azhar Kalamujić, Salih Musić, Eldina Pleho, Renata Radić and Ermin Zatega. For more information call: 387 33 560-040.


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