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Asim Sarajlić, Amir Zukić and Mirsad Kukić Indicted

Senior officials of the Party of Democratic Action are charged with trading in influence during the hiring procedure for the state electricity generator and supplier.

The Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment against the high-ranking officials of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Asim Sarajlić, Amir Zukić and Mirsad Kukić. They are indicted on several charges including bribe taking, illegal interceding and illegal weapons possession.

Their co-defendants are Esed Džananović, an outgoing manager at the Elektroprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina electricity generator and supplier; Safet Bibić, an employee of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo; Zukić’s driver Seid Fazlagić, and Nedžad Trako, Senad Trako and Ramiz Karavdić.

Sarajlić and Kukić SDA’s vice-presidents. They allegedly used their influence to help others secure jobs and “committed a crime of bribe taking or other gifts for trade in influence” according to the Prosecutor’s press release.

Zukić is the party’s secretary general. He is charged with organizing a group, together with Bibić, Trako and Karavdić, who looked for persons ready to pay for a job at Elektroprivreda.

“Then Amir Zukić would use his influence via Esed Džananović to effect illegal employment in this company,” the prosecutors stated in a press release.

Sarajlić is an incumbent legislator in the state Parliament’s House of Representatives, while Zukić is a legislator with the FBiH Parliament.

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