Century University Closed

School promised American degrees with little work

The former office of the company that took out full page ads in Dnevni Avaz is now a tourist agency.

The mobile phone number of the university’s BiH representative Dragomir Mirovič no longer works.

On his business card, Mirovič also listed the Contessa company, which was featured on the office’s sign, as a consulting company located on 18 Hamdije Kreševljakovića street. A doorman told CIN reporters that there is rarely anyone there.

The university did not have a license from the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of education. Almir Mašala, assistant to the minister, said that he had never heard of Century University.

The university, founded in 1978, is not recognized as an accredited university in the United States either. Instead, it was accredited by a private accreditation firm, an accreditation not generally recognized by the US Department of Education and most other organizations.

Century has a license from New Mexico, but education experts have warned that there is a legal loophole in that state which has enabled some educational institutions to obtain licenses without proper accreditation.

The price of a diploma from this university for BiH students was $4,600 for a BA, $4,800 for a Master’s and $5,800 for a PhD. It is not clear if any students have paid.

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