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CIN editors teach

CIN and NYU speakers show Pristina students how to plan and execute investigative reporting projects

Editors from the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo (CIN) were invited to visit the private AAB University in Priština, Kosovo last week to talk with students about investigative reporting and media development.

Svjetlana Ćelić, deputy editor-in-chief of CIN, and Rosemary Armao, advisor and former editor, spoke about the techniques and ethics of investigations, using practical examples from CIN’s two years of experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They spoke about how to report on economic issues, corruption and social themes, and about writing stories involving victims of violence and war crimes. In addition, Hawley Johnson of CIN’s partner organization, New York University, gave a presentation for graduate students on the progress and problems facing media in the former Yugoslavia.

“The students from AAB University carefully followed the lectures and showed great interest in investigative reporting,” Ćelić said. “After they get some experience, I think that some of them will be very good reporters. It was a particular pleasure to see some of the professors at some of the lectures.”

Armao said she was pleased that CIN could show students through its projects that first-rate investigations can be done in the Balkans and make a difference in people’s lives.

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