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Confirmed Indictment Against Jasenko Tufekčić

Legislator of the FBiH Parliament Jasenko Tufekčić has been accused of abusing travel compensation perks, which CIN wrote about five years ago.

Sarajevo Municipal Court confirmed the indictment against the legislator and former Vice-Speaker of the House of Peoples in the FBiH Parliament Jasenko Tufekčić from Livno, who is charged with fraud in office and forging official documents.

Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor’s Office accused him of filing 355 travel orders from July 2011 to April 2017, in which he provided false data. According to the indictment, he claimed to have used his personal vehicle, although he neither owned a vehicle nor has he ever passed the driving exam.

„Although the accused was entitled to use the business vehicle of the House of Peoples, he declined it because in this case he would not have been able to claim the travel costs and he was already using the vehicle of his Party.  Based on travel orders he claimed from the Parliament, he collected about BAM 40,000, thus damaging the budget of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina“, says the Prosecutor’s press release.

Legislator Falsely Claimed Travel Expenses
After he filled out incorrect information on his travel orders, legislator Jasenko Tufekčić collected fuel and per diems from the FBiH Parliament’s House of Peoples for official trips to Sarajevo.

In late 2017, CIN wrote about how Tufekčić claimed fuel costs and per-diems for travels from Livno to Sarajevo, while providing false data in the travel orders. For about two years, he had been stating in the travel orders the number plates of two vehicles, of which at least one has not been owned by him. He used the vehicle of the Livno Democratic Action Party.

Journalists also uncovered that in 2015 and 2016 Tufekčić’s schedule called for 89 days of work on duties, but he submitted nearly double that number of travel orders.  Mostly, he would not spell out the reasons for coming to Sarajevo, but would say that he came “in the course of regular business.”

In late 2020, Jasenko Tufekčić was sentenced to a three-month suspended prison sentence for unlawfully hiring a party colleague six years earlier, when he was Vice-Speaker of the Canton 10 Assembly.

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