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Court Accepts a Plead Bargain in the Case Against Ramo Brkić

Ramo Brkić, former USK police commissionaire. (Photo: CIN)

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has accepted today a plea bargain Sakib Memić concluded with the BiH Prosecutor’s Office earlier. He is sentenced to six months probation that will not be executed if he does not commit a new criminal offence in the next year. Memić was convicted for illegal interceding in the case against Ramo Brkić, a former Una Sana Canton (USK) police commissionaire.

Memić tried to get his son hired through Brkić into the USK’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. Brkić promised to do this but in exchange asked Memić to intercede with his cousin Esad Begić to vote for Brkić’s re-election as commissionaire. Begić was a member of the Independent Panel for the Selection and Review of the canton’s Police Commissionaire.

Following the ensuing police operation, Memić’s son Muhamed did not get a job.

Oleg Čavka, a prosecutor with the BiH Prosecutor’s Office said that Memić played a minor role in the case against Brkić et all and that his offence was more a warning then a punishment. The court took as an extenuating circumstance the fact that the defendant had no material gain from the offence. According to the prosecutor’s explanation, Memić acted in accordance with the mores of his society and tried to find a job for a son who could not find a job six years after his graduation.

Seven other persons pleaded guilty along with Memić and reached a plea agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office. The Court of BiH accepted the agreement in eight cases.

The indictment against Brkić and 22 senior police functionaries, civil servants and other individuals was filed in the beginning of this year, while the trial began in April. Brkić and others are charged with a number of criminal offences, including drug trafficking and abuse of office and official authority.

Published on Sept. 27, 2012

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