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Fahrudin Radončić Arrested

Fahrudin Radončić, a legislator with the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s House of Peoples, was arrested today at the orders of the state Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of obstruction of justice.
Former BiH Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić announced the legal battle to prove that he was not responsible for murder of Ramiz "Ćelo" Delalić. (Photo: Avaz)

Fahrudin Radončić, a legislator with the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) House of Peoples, was arrested today. The BiH prosecutors ordered his arrest on obstruction of justice charges.

Even though the Prosecutor’s Office officials declined to reveal more, it has been known that Radončić is named in the indictment against Naser Kelmendi who’s been on trial in Kosovo. Kelmedi is charged with trafficking drugs in BiH and the region and masterminding the murder of Ramiz Delalić.

Radončić was named in the indictment as one of the members of the criminal group that organized the Delalić’s murder. In an earlier interview for CIN Radončić denied having anything to do with it and saying that he had never been indicted.

A Murder Plotted and Paid For in a Revolving Restaurant According to an Indictment
An indictment against Naser Kalmedi mentions Fahrudin Radončić, Ekrem Lekić, Senad Sahinpašić Šaja and Naser Orić as members of his organized group.

Radončić’s detention follows the arrest of Bakir Dautbašić who was arrested 2 weeks ago also on obstruction of justice charges. Dautbašić, a secretary of the ministry of security, allegedly tampered with witnesses in the Kelmendi trial.

Secretary of the BiH Ministry of Security Arrested
Bakir Dautbašić was arrested over allegations of obstruction of justice.

Radončić’s Alliance for Better Future nominated Dautbašić for the next BiH minister of communication and traffic.

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