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General Elections Announced in BiH

3.1 million voters will exercise their rights on polling stations on October 3, 2010.

General elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held on Oct. 3rd, the Central Election Commission (CIK) announced Wednesday.

Registered voters will elect the members of the BiH Presidency, parliaments of the state, the Federation of BiH (FBiH) and the Republika Srpska (RS), as well as cantonal legislators in FBiH. The RS president and vice presidents will also be elected.

Political parties and independent candidates have until May 21st to submit their candidacies.

CIK’s President Irina Hadžiabdić said Wednesday that following the registration the committee plans to certify political parties and independent candidates by June 5.

CIK holds the names of 3,120,778 voters in its records. Those living outside of BiH can vote in 22 countries, where 28 polling stations will be open at BiH diplomatic and consular missions. Expatriates voters will also be able to cast their ballots by mail.

Hadžiabdić said that the elections will cost over 12.6 million KM. The state agencies will allocate 8.5 million KM, and municipalities 4 million KM.


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