The body of pilgrim Winifred Brady found

The body of Irish pilgrim Winifred Mary Brady was identified in Međugorje today. She went missing in September of last year in this rural Herzegovina town.

Winifred’s husband Stephen identified her body, said Adrijana Čolak, daughter of the owner of guesthouse “Lola” where Brady had stayed during her visit to Međugorje.

The body of Winifred was found three days ago by a local hunter Vidan Kozina on the hill of Crnici near Međugorje, a kilometer away from the first houses in Bijakovići settlement.

The Center for Investigative reporting in Sarajevo (CIN) published a story about seven visitors to Međugorje who went missing since 2001. Winifred was among them. Bodies of six people have been found while police are still searching for Anita Visković of Croatia. Međugorje is a major Catholic pilgrimage site where the Virgin Mary is reputed to have appeared before a group of local children in the 1980s.