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Ramo Brkić and Judge Azra Miletić Arrested on Bribery Charges

The Court of BiH judge Azra Miletić and Ramo Brkić and Senad Šabić arrested on bribery charges.

Azra Miletić, an appeal judge with the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), was arrested on charges of soliciting bribes, while Ramo Brkić and Senad Šabić were arrested for giving bribes according to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office’s press release. Brkić and Šabić are on trial before the Appeals’ Chamber chaired by Miletić.

Police Commissionaire got 11 Years
The Court of BiH handed down a final and binding sentence to a former police commissioner of Una Sana Canton for corruption and drug trade.

The first-instance court sentenced Brkić, a former police commissionaire of the Una Sana Canton, to 11 years in prison in December 2013. He was prosecuted for organized crime, production and sale of drugs and abuse of office. Šabić was sentenced to ten years in prison for production and sale of drugs and bribery.

The convictions against Brkić and Šabić have been partially overturned on appeal and sent back for retrial.

The trial followed on the heels of a major police operation code-named Kastel by the State Investigation and Protection Agency’s from December 2010 which led to arrests of 41 person.

The Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo made a documentary “Policemen And Criminals“ that has exposed, in documents and interviews, the narcotics trade and recruitment in exchange for money involving officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Una Sana Canton.

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