School supporters call press conference

Sarajevo private school students and parents want to know why they can’t register the private university

Students, parents, professors and other employees from Philip Noel Baker University are organizing a press conference at the university on noon Nov. 28 to talk about problems the school is having with the Sarajevo Cantonal government registering.

Reporters will be shown documentation that for more than a year it has satisfied all legal prerequisites to be added to the Register, organizers of the press conference said.

The Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo (CIN) found in a series about higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina last year that there has been an explosion in the number of private universities in the country. New efforts have been announced to regulate and license these schools. Recently CIN found that in the Republika Srpska the new regulations were not being applied equally to all schools.

Top people from the Sarajevo Ministry of Education Emir Turkušić and Safet Kešo have been invited to the conference to explain publicly their negative attitude towards the private university, the organizers said.

Podrška čitalaca pomaže CIN-u da razotkrije korupciju i organizirani kriminal.
Donacijom ćete podržati istraživačko novinarstvo kao javno dobro.