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SIPA revealed corruption and crime to the tune of around 3 million KM

State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) has filed criminal reports with prosecutors regarding financial crime worth around 3 million KM. SIPA press release cites 38 reports in the first six months of this year against 169 individuals, 20 firms and one unknown person.

The corruption crimes are most frequent: abuse of office or authority, misconduct in office, tax evasion, customs fraud and soliciting and giving bribes. The officials said that they have filed 26 percent more reports than during the same period last year.

During the period SIPA also filed a report on drug trafficking involving 62 known and eight unknown persons. This is 19 percent more than at the same period last year. Nearly 40 kg of marihuana, 7.5 kg of heroin and 7 kg of speed was seized. The market value of seized drugs is estimated to around half million KM.

SIPA’s Financial and Intelligence Department filed money laundering complaints against eight individuals and one firm. The investigation found that the value of laundered money amounted to 1.2 million KM. SIPA proposed the BiH Prosecutor’s Office to block one transaction of 900,000 KM and another worth €130,000. Frozen funds have been temporarily confiscated and are kept on a special account until the end of the proceedings.

SIPA is involved in the prevention of arms trade and has filed criminal reports against 11 individuals and 5 firms. During several operations, the agency’s officers seized 50 items of arms and over 8,000 explosive devices. With regard to human trafficking, SIPA filed six reports involving 16 persons during this period.

During this period SIPA has filed a total of 152 reports on the suspicion of committed offence against 420 persons, while 92 persons have been jailed.

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