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U.S. Visa Trader Ajša Ramić Arrested

Ajša Ramić from Visoko and Naida Mehanović from Sarajevo were arrested in the police operation “Tin” on suspicion of being involved in human trafficking. CIN wrote about Ramić and her partner from the USA taking passports and money from BiH citizens to allegedly procure them U.S. Visas – while they had no cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, and in return, they provided them with falsified documents.

Workers Trapped In A Vicious Circle of Blue Envelopes

Businessman Abdulah Avdagić from Tuzla has been paying employees cash in envelopes for years. The employees claim it is the salary to which no taxes have been paid, the employer claims it is a gift, while the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating allegations of tax evasion.

CIN Journalists Won Two EU Investigative Journalism Awards

The feature by CIN journalists Jelena Jevtić and Mubarek Asani on ITABiH inspectors of Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ITA BiH) racketeering shopowners and the feature by Adna Zilić on irregular purchase of police uniforms won the first and third prize of the EU Investigative Journalism Award.

Pardons for Policemen Too

Njegoš Poljaković, a former inspector for the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) sentenced to two years in prison for threatening the safety of citizens in traffic, received a double grace and was forgiven from serving part of his prison sentence.