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Temporary Suspension For Bugojno Lawyer Emina Begić

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bar Association has temporarily suspended the legal practice of attorney Emina Begić from Bugojno following the criminal charges brought against her for abuse of client trust and misappropriation of their funds.

As confirmed by the Regional Bar Association in Zenica, attorney Emina Begić has been temporarily suspended.

The decision was rendered after two criminal cases were filed against attorney Begić, accusing her of betraying client trust and misappropriating their money.

Both indictments were brought by the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of the Central Bosnia Canton (SBK), and filed with the Travnik Municipal Court for further action.

The first indictment, filed in 2019, alleges that Begić falsified documents, abused the trust of at least three individuals, and misappropriated approximately BAM 1.4 million of their money. Her brother, Adnan Hozić, is also charged in the case, and the proceedings are ongoing.

Millions Through A Power Of Attorney
Emina Begić, a lawyer from Bugojno, is accused of abusing clients’ trust, embezzling their money, and forging documents. Although the Bar Association can suspend her until the trial is over, she is still working.

The second indictment has been filed for a similar criminal offense involving an amount of BAM 250,000. The proceedings in this case is still in the early stage.

New Indictment Against Emina Begić
The Bugojno lawyer is being accused of abusing the trust of clients and unlawfully acquiring a quarter of a million BAM. She is already on trial for a similar offense at the Travnik Municipal Court.

Under the Legal Profession Act and the Rules of Disciplinary Proceedings, the Bar Association may impose a temporary suspension on an attorney subject to criminal charges that renders him/her unworthy of practicing law.

The decision was rendered by the Regional Bar Association, and upheld by the Federation Bar Association, which also notified the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) thereon. As a result, her name has been removed from the database accessible to judicial institutions.

Emir Burak has been appointed as the temporary administrator of her affairs, and clients will be notified about the status of their cases.

Begić has no avenue for appeal against this decision, but she can initiate administrative proceedings before the court.

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