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Ten New Profiles in the CIN’s Database „Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors“

The CIN's database Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors“ has been enriched with ten new profiles of court presidents, judges, and prosecutors who, along with their spouses, own houses, apartments, cottages, business premises, land, and garages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro, collectively valued at least BAM 3.1 million.
Photo: Dženat Dreković (CIN)

In the „Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors“ database compiled by the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN), ten new property profiles of prosecutors and judges have been published. This database includes information about their earnings, education, career, vehicles, savings, and loans.

Citizens also have access to information about lawsuits and judicial or disciplinary proceedings that have been filed or are ongoing against them.

Among them are the presidents of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the Municipal Court in Travnik, the Cantonal Court in Zenica, and the District Court in Trebinje: Minka Kreho, Goran Dujić, Snježana Čolaković, and Bojan Stević, as well as the Chief Prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, Milanko Kajganić.

In addition to them, profiles of Ljilja Subašić, a judge of the Cantonal Court in Zenica, Jovan Savić, a judge of the Basic Court in Bijeljina, Sead Kreštalica, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo Canton (KS), and prosecutors of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, Ćazim Hasanspahić and Džermin Pašić, have been published.

Nine of them, along with their spouses, own houses, apartments, cottages, business premises, land, and garages worth at least BAM 3.1 million. They provided these property valuations both in interviews with journalists and in the annual financial reports they submitted to the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC BiH).

Data on the value of properties are unavailable for the president of the court in Travnik, who declined to speak with journalists about his assets and did not grant permission to the HJPC BiH to publicly release his financial reports.

According to land registries, Dujić and his spouse own an apartment, a garage, and a business space in Travnik, as well as apartments in Sarajevo and Omiš, Croatia.

According to the Law on the HJPC, judges and prosecutors are required to submit financial reports every year, detailing their activities and earnings for the year. The HJPC publishes financial reports of judges and prosecutors who have voluntarily agreed to public disclosure of their data.

The Chief Prosecutor Kajganić has a house and an apartment under construction in Banja Luka, with an estimated value of BAM 450,000. Kreho, who was appointed as the acting president of the Court of BiH in December 2023, owns apartments in Sarajevo and Trpanj, Croatia, along with land in BiH, totaling an estimated value of BAM 290,000.

Čolaković, the president of the Cantonal Court in Zenica, does not have any property registered under her name. However, three apartments and a business space registered under her husband’s name are valued at nearly half a million BAM. Her colleague Subašić and her husband own three apartments and land in Zenica, valued at BAM 316,000.

Stević, the President of the District Court in Trebinje, has declared the most valuable assets. He and his spouse possess apartments in Buna near Mostar and Herceg Novi, Montenegro, along with an apartment and commercial space in Trebinje, with a combined valuation of BAM 573,000.

State Prosecutor Džermin Pašić has appraised two apartments and a cottage in Sarajevo at slightly over half a million BAM. Judge Jovan Savić from Bijeljina, in his hometown of Lopare, holds ownership of an apartment, garage, house, and land, estimated at 320,000 BAM. He has inherited a portion of the property and shares the remainder with his spouse.

Prosecutors Kreštalica and Hasanspahić own the fewest properties. Kreštalica has valued his apartment and garage in Sarajevo at 84,000 BAM, while Hasanspahić has assessed his father’s house in Olovo at 200,000 BAM.

The CIN’s database Property Holdings of Judges and Prosecutors“ contains information on 58 judges and prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the judges and prosecutors appointed by the HJPC, the database also includes data on judges of constitutional courts appointed by respective parliaments.

CIN reporters have been collecting this data since 2019 and periodically update it with new information. The profiles are divided into active and inactive categories based on the status of the position and the most recent data update. Active profiles are updated regularly, while inactive profiles consist of those belonging to former and deceased judges and prosecutors. Each profile includes information about the date of the last update.

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