Alleged Drug Kingpins Detained

Suspect held, considered a threat to temper with witnesses or flee

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s State Court ruled there was reasonable evidence to detain three men for allegedly running a regional drug network. The court on Thursday ordered the men held during the investigation, saying they were a threat to tamper with witnesses or flee the country.

Montenegrin-born brothers Hamdo Dacić and Ljutvija Dacić (who changed his name to Haris Zornić) and German-born Acik Can were ordered to be detained for one month. They are suspected of participating in organized crime, money laundering, illegal trade of narcotics, abuse of position or authority, falsifying official documents, producing false balance sheets and tax evasion.

Prosecutors said the three are suspected of organizing a group that transported, stored, guarded, and collected money for heroin. Prosecutors allege the three have been trafficking heroin for years in BiH, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

In 2002, the suspects founded Majorka in Sarajevo solely for the purpose of legalizing unlawfully gained property, prosecutors allege. Starting in 2004, the Majorka Company applied for three loans from BOR bank in Sarajevo totaling more than 1 million KM. Prosecutors said these loans were illegally granted and were used to cover up the real source of the finances for the construction of the hotel Exclusive in Rajlovac, which is owned by the three.