Balkan Blues: Secrets of Investigative Reporting

The Mediacentar Sarajevo will host a masters workshop focused on investigative reporting techniques used during the preparation of „Balkan Blues: Bosnian Chronicles 1975-1995“ by authors and long time journalists Susana Šačić and Medina Delalić.

The Media Centar Sarajevo, a Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) partner organization, is hosting a training for investigative reporters. Here is their announcement:

Exchange experiences with two of the best investigative reporters in the region. Learn how to investigate affairs whose consequences pretty much decided our destinies. Learn how to infiltrate “guarded secrets” to tell the truth to the public. The authors of the bestseller “Balkan Blues”, Medina Delalić and Suzana Šačić will give you answers to these and other questions about investigative reporting you may have. Deadline for registration: 18.1.2008.

This is part of a series of workshops organized by the Mediacentar Sarajevo which will be held from Jan 23 to 25, 2008 in Mediacentar.

Workshop participants will take part in a kind of Bosnian and ex-Yugoslavian time machine travel. They will research the roots of conflict dating from the nineties including the defeat of communism and the rise of nationalism. They will, analyze secret agreements just before and during the war made by nationalist party leaders, and confirmed by statements of participants in these events that decided the future of BiH.

The workshop will be practical. Participants will find out first hand what techniques the authors used to get information; how they reached key people and persuaded them to talk; where they faced the biggest obstacles and how they overcame them.

It is meant for anyone who wants to learn from the best – the professionals from different areas of journalism. Previous successful workshops were hosted by writer Aleksandar Hemon, director Pjer Žalica and cameraman Mustafa Mustafić.

The participation fee for the two day workshop is 200 KM (102 Euros) and it includes a certificate of completion,and a copy of the book „Balkan Blues“. Participants have to pay for their own travel and accommodation in Sarajevo.

All interested workshop participants should send an application (a short bio with contact information) to the following e-mail address:

Lejla Kapetanović
Mediacentar Sarajevo
+ 387 33 715 840