BiH Official calls for change

CIN stories about War Crimes Chamber judges exposes problems

A BiH official is calling for changes on how international judges of the new War Crimes Chamber are being selected and vetted after CIN exposed problems with two current judges. 


Branko Perić, president of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Chamber of BiH, says his organization should have a bigger say in who will serve.


Currently, the Registry Office of the Court and the Office of the High Representative selects the eight special judges.  But over the past two weeks, officials have learned that two of the judges who were only appointed this spring will not keep their jobs. British judge Paul Garlick resigned because he was upset about being assigned to organized crime cases in addition to war crimes cases. Controversial Rwandan judge Gerald Gahima has told a U.S. think tank he will accept a fellowship and leave his judgeship after CIN wrote last month about allegations of misuse of office while Gahima was a Rwandan prosecutor.