CIN Condemns Attack

The attack on a Croatian reporter is an attempt to silence the press

The Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo (CIN) calls on Zagreb and Croatian state police to act forcefully and immediately in fully investigating the baseball bat beating of Jutanji List reporter Dušan Miljuš in front of his home earlier this week. Miljuš has a long history of serving the citizens of Croatia by reporting on organized crime. Law enforcement must make special efforts to insure the safety and protection of courageous reporters like Miljuš.

CIN belongs to a South East European consortium of investigative reporters that examines cross-border organized crime and corruption. Our reporters know that Miljuš was involved in one of the most dangerous occupations in journalism or any profession. Organized crime groups and criminal businessmen and politicians who empower them use any tool at their disposal to silence these important voices. We call on all journalists to support Miljuš during this time by continuing his work. We call on journalists to open a positive and responsible dialog with police to help further report on this issue and to uncover the truth about who was behind this attack.