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CIN Received A Recognition for Freedom of Speech

Media organizations and individuals, among which the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN), received recognitions from the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection.

The Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection recognized the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN), the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN BiH), Amila Tatrević from Baby Steps Association, Maida Bilal from the Foundation Krug života Kruščica and reporter Rubina Čengić for the protection of the freedom of speech, their activist efforts, public interest engagement and their contribution to transparency.

The recognitions were presented at the Annual Meeting in Sarajevo by the Coalition coordinator Arjan Dyrmishi and representative of the Center for Youth Activism Development (CROA) Alma Fejzić.

The recognition award winners were selected by the organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina that are part of the Coalition with the support of the Regional Anticorruption Initiative, explained Fejzić.

CIN received a recognition award for overall excellence in the work.

“I think each of your stories has prompted something, some more, some less, but it seems to me that each of your stories gave rise to something in society. (…) This is the overall impression about your work in this past year”, said Fejzić.

The Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection is an organization dedicated to supporting whistleblowers and strengthening their legal protections. The Coalition comprises more than 40 civil society organizations and other groups from 17 Southeast and East European countries.


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