CIN Won a Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) in Sarajevo won a lawsuit against Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina after it had refused to disclose data on persons hired on temporary and service contracts.

The Court of BiH ordered the Agency on February 28 to issue a new resolution within 30 days and pay administrative expenses in the amount of 700 KM.

Citing the Freedom of Information Act in BiH, CIN requested last August the full names of all the Agency employees hired on temporary and service contracts.

The Agency has provided only the information about permanent hires, while it refused to share information about temporary hires by citing an exception in the Freedom of Information Act and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

The court said that the Agency has come to a wrong conclusion.

“The hiring process for government jobs must be transparent and has to be based on the obligations of publishing vacancies. The information about the candidates for civil service hiring by law include the records on first and last name as well as other personal data of the participants which are necessary for carrying out such employment procedure,” according to the ruling.

The Civil Service Agency is one of the three BiH institutions that CIN sued late last year after they had refused to share public records.