CIN Won a New Award

The Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo is the first recipient of the new Robert F. Kennedy Social Media Journalism Award given by the RFK European Center for Justice and Human Rights.

An award ceremony took place June 19 in Florence and was attended by reporter Renata Radic, who led the project and accepted the award on behalf of CIN. The reporters’ work exposed the way the Bosnian justice systems bends over backward to give preferential treatment to VIPs charged with crimes. They showed that if you are influential you will rarely be charged much less convicted, but if that happens, you can expect a pardon, delayed or shortened sentences, or assignment to an easy prison.

Azhar Kalamujic edited the project and the prize against international competition is one of few of that caliber to ever be won by Bosnian media.

Here is a photo of Renata with the impressive award:

The project can be found at