Continued support to investigative journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

For the next four years the Embassy of Sweden will continue to provide financial support to Centre for Investigative Reporting, CIN. The organisastion will receive approximately 370 000  Euro  in support of  its stategic plan 2015-2019, with the main objective to strengthen investigative journalism and reporting on corruption issues.

“Investigative reporting is vital for the democratization of BiH, as it holds governments and individuals accountable to the public for illegal practices, that they rather would have kept hidden“ says Leila Bicakcic, Executive Director of CIN.

The Swedish grant will enable CIN to develop its investigative journalism and further strengthen the administrative and journalistic structure of CIN. This will be done through a continued  training of staff, introduction of new tools and modern multimedia techniques. CIN will also continue to support an improved standard of journalism in the country through offering special courses.

“An effective fight against corruption remains one of the key requirements of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path towards EU- integration. A professional and well researched investigative reporting is indispensable for transparency and accountability in decision making” says Marie Bergström, Councellor at the Embassy of Sweden. “

Sweden is a strong advocate for EU-integration based on, among other, the principle of non-discrimination, transparency and accountability. The support to CIN is in line with the strategy for Sweden’s reform cooperation with the the Western Balkans 2014-2020 contributing to transparent and democratic institutions.