Croatia Started Extradition Procedure of Liridon Kelmendi

County court in Vukovar has started a procedure for the extradition of Liridon Kelmendi toMontenegrowhich filed an indictment against this Bosnian national on charges of forging identity papers.

Kelmendi was arrested on Jan. 4, at the border crossing of Županja betweenBosniaandCroatiabased on an arrest warrant issued by Montenegrin Interpol, according to report that Croatian police has sent to CIN.

A day later the police officers took Kelmendi before a Vukovar judge who is conducting the extradition procedure according to the provisions of the Act on International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters.

Montenegrin police has filed a criminal complaint against Liridon (27) and Elvis (32) Kelmendi, sons of Naser Kelmendi last October. BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency described Kelmendi senior as the leader of one of the best organized criminal groups in the region. The Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office inSarajevoissued an arrest warrant after Elvis Kelmendi last November because of an attempt to murder Elvis Hodžić. Elvis Kelmendi is still at large.

According to theMontenegropolice’s report, the Kelmendi brothers are suspected of receiving Montenegrin identity cards based on the fake documents they had submitted at the Kotor police station. Liridon’s attempt to get documents was unsuccessful, while Elvis submitted paperwork for identity card, passport and driver’s license.

Police arrested Svetozar Popović and Ksenija Mitrović, the head official and his assistance at the Ministry of Interior branch office in Kotor, on charges of abusing their office by helping the Kelmendis.

The Ministry of Interior ordered the Police Authority to start an investigation against Ana Krivokapić, who is also working at the Ministry’s branch office in Kotor. This has not yet  happened. The Interior Affairs Minister Ivan Brajović has suspended Krivokapić, Mitrović and Popović.

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) inSarajevofound that Interpol reported in 2007 that Elvis Kelmendi owned a passport and identity card issued in Rožaje inMontenegro. Also, according to a verdict handed down by a Municipal Court inSarajevofrom June 2009, Elvis Kelmendi was mentioned as a Montenegrin national domiciled in Rožaje.

CIN has written about the Kelmendi brother before because theSarajevocourt sentenced Liridon to seven months’ probation for carrying weapons without a license, while Elvis was sentenced to year probation because of assault.

According to a SIPA report, both men are members of the Kelmendi Criminal Organization headed by their father and involved in the smuggling of drugs and cigarettes, human trafficking, money laundering and loan sharking.

SIPA said that Kelmendi organization extends its influence beyond BiH to Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Germany and the US.