Expensive Shopping of Oil Terminals’ Former Director

Josip Tomić made sweetheart deals with suppliers paying them higher prices for equipment than they charged on the open market.
Foto: CIN

Numerous details in an indictment brought by the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office in Metković against the former director of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Oil Terminals Josip Tomić portray him as unconscionably incompetent.

The indictment charges that the director signed contracts with suppliers in 2006 and 2007 to procure equipment from them at prices far higher than listed. He cost the company some 240,000 KM in unnecessary costs in this way, prosecutors say.

In September 2006, for example, the Terminals bought filters for the price of 44,285 KM from a Sarajevo company Feroelektro even though it could have bought the same type of equipment for removing contaminants from a Zagreb company Ermakor for 8,541 KM less.

During the same month, he procured 13 mechanical arms for oil loading from the company Roberts of Split. The Terminals, paid 161,336 KM for these mechanical parts, instead of buying them directly from Dutch producer OPW Fluid Transfer Group at a price that would have been 22,316 KM cheaper.

Tomić signed and the Terminals procured an electrical supply distribution board in October 2006 from a Zagreb company Eiting for about 29,000 KM, even though he could have bought the same thing from a producer TEP Zagreb for about 1,300 KM.

A year later, Tomić procured various cables from a company Rivin in Lukavac, BiH which he could have bought from two manufacturers, Zagreb-based Elka and Tim, for 93,110 KM less. He concluded a contract with a Lukavac company in March 2007 for procurement of a portable power generator more than 10 years old. He agreed to pay 186,864 KM. According to an expert prosecutors contacted, the second-hand generator was worth half that.

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