Indictment Against Tomić Confirmed

Former director is charged with damaging the Federation oil terminals for more than 1 million KM.

The municipal court of Metković on May 17 approved an indictment against Josip Tomić, former director of Ploče-based Oil Terminals of Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina that charges him with economic mismanagement.

The Municipal Prosecutor’s Office in Metković filed the indictment in December 2008 and Tomić contested it. After an additional investigation the Prosecutor’s Office submitted an amended indictment, and the court turned down Tomić’s request as groundless.

Tomić, according to the indictment, rented an oil warehouse in 2006 to a British company, Deltagrip, for a price far cheaper than that charged all other terminal clients. In the original indictment, the amount of mismanaged funds for 13-month period was estimated at more than 580,000 KM. At the request of Jure Kežić, deputy public municipal attorney, the court accepted that the damages be increased to 850,000 KM for a period of some 18 months.

Apart from this, the indictment states that Tomić was contracting suppliers in 2006 and 2007 for significantly more money than the purchases could be found for on the open market. In this way he harmed the Terminals for about 240,000 KM.

This decision of the municipal court in Metković cannot be appealed.

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