Kelmendi Fined for Illegal Construction in Ulcinj

Naser Kelmendi, a Kosovo businessman with Sarajevo address, paid yesterday a €10,000 fine avoiding court proceedings for illegal construction of his Casa Grande Hotel in Ulcinj.

Montenegrin Criminal Code carries a prison sentence between six months and five years for this crime, but the case was closed after Keljmendi pleaded guilty for illegal construction. Thus, a criminal matter was resolved without a criminal procedure.

A primary prosecutor in Ulcinj ordered Keljemendi to pay the Solidarity kindergarten and aprimary schoolofMaršal Titoin Ulcinj €5,000 each.

Kelmendi built a 508.5 square meters hotel in Donji Štoj on the outskirts of Ulcinji during 2009. Even though the municipality passed a resolution that forbade the construction on the site, the hotel was built and has gone into operation.

The reporters from the Center for Investigative reporting (CIN) wrote in 2009 about Kelmendi’s plans to build a hotel and run a hospitality business in Ulcinj.

Land and business records CIN obtained show Kelmendi has many real estate holdings throughout the region. In Sarajevo, he owns three houses, two apartments and his Casa Grande Hotel. In Podgorica, Montenegro he owns an apartment. In Montenegrin resort town of Ulcinj he has an apartment, 11 housing units of total size of 377 square meters, a house and a 1,600-square-meter apartment building. He has businesses registered in BiH, Serbia and Kosovo, among other spots.

Kelmendi moved to Sarajevo soon after the 1992-1995 war. The police investigators call him the creator of the Balkan Criminal Empire.

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