Police inspector seeks plea agreement

Inspector seeks to avoid or reduce jail time in accident case

The Prosecutor’s office of Zenica-Doboj canton has indicted a state police inspector who was involved in a car accident that killed one person and injured five others.

Judge Aida Smajiš from the Basic court in Zenica said there are ongoing plea negotiations between State Agency for Security and Investigation (SIPA) employee Njegoš Poljaković and the Prosecutor’s office.

The Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo (CIN) looked at Poljaković’s case earlier this year after prosecutors hadn’t acted for almost a year.

Witnesses told CIN that Poljaković’s official vehicle passed a column of cars and clipped an oncoming vehicle. The oncoming vehicle spun out of control hitting a second vehicle. Amela Zahić, 22, of Prijedor who was in the second vehicle died of injuries. Three others were permanently disabled and two others injured.

Poljaković said at the time that he doesn’t feel guilty. However, almost a year later and based on statements by witnesses of the traffic accident, the prosecutor decided to submit indictment against Poljaković, which was confirmed by the judge. The first hearing is scheduled for August of this year.

If convicted, Poljaković could face between one and eight years in prison. By pleading guilty, he is now trying to get a reduced sentence and avoid trial.

The SIPA internal affairs department has also initiated an internal investigation into the event. In an communication sent to CIN, SIPA said further steps in that investigation will depend on the outcome of the plea negotiations.