SIPA agent gets two years in prison

Njegoš Poljaković was sentenced in Zenica Municipal Court Nov. 6 for his role in a fatal traffic accident.

Zenica Municipal Court Judge Stanko Blagić Tuesday sentenced a SIPA agent to two years in prison for his part in a traffic accident in July 2006 that left one woman dead and five other people injured.

Njegoš Poljaković, an agent for the State Agency for Investigations and Protection, was found guilty of severe crimes threatening the safety of public citizens in traffic. That crime carries a possible penalty of one to eight years in prison.

The verdict the judge read is not final and binding. And Poljaković’ lawyer has said it will be appealed.

The accident outside Zenica happened while Poljaković’s car was passing a column of cars. The Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo (CIN) wrote about the accident and the lack of prosecution in the case as part of an investigation on police corruption earlier this year.