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Condemnation Of Threats Addressed To CIN Reporters and Reports Against Zoran Čegar

Many domestic and international organizations sought a reaction from the domestic authorities regarding the threats and insults Zoran Čegar, one of the heads of the FBiH Police Administration, directed at CIN reporters. The authorities were called to protect journalists from attacks. The threats were reported to the police and the prosecutor’s office.

CIN Wins Two More Judgments

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court passed two judgments against federal ministries for non-compliance with the Law on Freedom of Access to Information. These are the CIN’s 13th and 14th wins for public data, transparency, and accountability of institutions.

Free And Independent Media The Only Way To Fight Misinformation

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, professors, representatives of BIRN, CIN, BUKA magazine, and the Swedish Ambassador to BiH spoke about how to protect the truth from misinformation. On this occasion, an exhibition of important journalistic stories which failed to prompt the necessary reaction from judicial institutions was organized.