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A Dry Hole Soaking Up Sarajevans’ Money

The former manager of the “Otoka Olympic Swimming Pool” wasted tens of thousands of BAM of the Sarajevo taxpayers’ money on the search for water that was not found. During his term of office, he also collected about BAM 20,000 in fees to which he was not entitled.

A promotion for disciplinary offenders in the judiciary

Despite their misconducts, at least 14 judges and prosecutors have been promoted to a higher position or reappointed to a managerial position. 

The state and the canton paying compensation for Judge Fazlagić

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has rendered a first instance verdict, ordering the payment of damages caused by the illegal deeding of property by a former judge of the Sarajevo Municipal Court.

A report on Sarajevo’s Viewpoint in the Prosecutor’s office

The Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office of the Sarajevo Canton submitted a report regarding the illegal construction of the commercial-catering establishment “Vidikovac” in Mount Trebević to the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office in Sarajevo.