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CIN Discoveries Part of the Digital Map of the Anticorruption Office

Data on illegal forest clearing included in the map, which is now available to the general public on the website of the ACO.

Illegal logging in Bjelašnica Mountain discovered by the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) is included in the Digital Map produced by the Anticorruption and Quality Control Office (ACO).


The ACO presented an interactive map of construction and forest logging in the Sarajevo Canton, which the general public can access on the website of the ACO.

According to the head of ACO Erduan Kafedžić, the map currently provides data on more than 300 construction projects that have been planned or constructed over the past two years. The map also points out the four locations of illegal logging, all of which are in the area of the Business and Sports Center Trnovo in Bjelašnica.

In the past two years, CIN featured stories on illegal logging in Bjelašnica in 2018.

Land Clearing at the Gates to the Bjelašnica Olympic Center
Trnovo municipality arranged for the illegal cutting of 3.5 hectares of forest where it planned to build sport courts, apartment complexes and a hotel. Most of the wood the municipality sold or gave away to private firms. Reporters could not track down what happened with the remainder.

CIN demonstrated how Trnovo Municipality organized the illegal clearing of more than 35,000 square meters of forest to build sports courts, apartment buildings, and a hotel. Most of the prime quality log was sold by the Municipality or given away to private companies.

Following the publication of the CIN story, the ACO identified the shortcomings the Municipality made in planning and construction in Bjelašnica, and notified the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor thereon.

Construction Works In Bjelašnica Under The Spotlight
The Anticorruption and Quality Control Office of the Sarajevo Canton found the Municipality of Trnovo to have made omissions in the planning and construction in Bjelašnica.

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