CIN Winning the Journalist Award

CIN reporters awarded for the best journalistic research on corruption for the story of protected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CIN reporters Sadeta Bajrović and Milena Mitrović won the Award of the Center for Media and Analysis Development (CMRA) for the best journalistic research on corruption in 2020/2021.

The award-winning story “Protected Areas Without Protection” was published at the end of September last year. The research showed that protection of natural resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) exists mostly on paper only since the competent institutions have been allowing certain private individuals to exploit them while turning a blind eye to the continuous and permanent destruction of those areas.

Protected Areas Without Protection
Uncontrolled commercial exploitation, private interests and the lack of government preservation efforts have endangered natural heritage sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The story pointed out the problems which require an urgent solution in order to prevent a complete deterioration or disappearance of values that made these areas protected areas under the regulation.

Along with CIN reporters, the awards were granted to Semira Degirmendžić, a journalist from the portal, for the story “Who made it possible for the medicine for COVID-19 patients to be bought illegally in Sarajevo pharmacies” and Predrag Blagovčanin, a journalist from the Tač portal, for the story “Non-Transparency of the United Nations”: How did the UNDP distribute millions of dollars in aid to BiH to fight Covid”.

More than forty investigative papers were submitted to the competition for the best journalistic research on corruption.