FBiH Government Decreased Budget for Parties

Since the beginning of the year, the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina spent 1.75 million KM for financing of seventeen political parties and coalitions.

Every year, the government pays quarterly the political parties and coalitions. This February, during the first quarter, the parties received 875,000 KM, and the same amount they received in April, for the second quarter.

This year, the government budgeted a total of 3.5 million KM for political parties and coalitions, or a million KM less than last year.

The funds intended to political parties and coalitions are distributed in a ratio of 30 to 70 percent. The first sum is intended to be equally shared among all parliamentary parties, while the remaining 70 percent is divided among the parties according to the number of seats they hold in the FBiH Parliament.

Social Democratic Party of BiH, which held the biggest number of legislative seats in the FBiH Parliament has received 415,658 KM so far. It’s followed by SDA with 282,164 KM; Croatian Democratic Union in BiH with 187,934 KM; Alliance for Better Future with 156,524; and People’s Party Work for Betterment with 101,556 KM.

Party for BiH received 93,702 KM; Croatian Democratic Union 1990 got 70,146 KM; Croatian Party of Rights in BiH and the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats received 54,440 KM each; Democratic National Union received 46,588 KM.

Party of Democratic Activity, Bosnian Party, Our Party, Demo Christians, Democratic National Alliance, Liberal Democratic Party and Social Democratic Union received 38,734 KM each, while independent candidates Spomenka Mićić and Amel Hadžiabdić received 7,852 KM each.

The Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo published last June a story about allocation of money for financing of political parties. Then both entities allocated 7.7 million KM for this purpose.

Parties in the Budget: First to Themselves Then Others
Between 2004 and 2010, the governments in BiH have spent 134.7 million KM of taxpayer money to finance political parties. Some politicians say money could be better used, but they are not doing anything to make that happen.

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